Angela is an incredibly gifted flute teacher and has continued to support and advance my daughter's playing at a significant rate.  Angela was able to quickly establish a positive relationship and rapport with Molly, allowing her to take risks and feel comfortable reflecting on her own playing and abilities.  She continually supports Molly's growth and encourages her to try new music and musical approaches.  Angela is truly amazing and I am so grateful she is able to work with my daughter.” - Flute Student’s Mother
Ms. Angela is a great flute teacher.  She knows how to balance telling me when I am doing great and critique what I need to correct as well.  I love working with Ms. Angela and feel that she has helped me to become a better flute player.” - Flute Student
Angela has been my flute teacher for over three years. I’ve had other teacher’s but Angela makes me feel comfortable while playing. Angela is an encouraging teacher with a deep and profound knowledge of music and a cheerful, joyful attitude about playing the flute. While studying with her my skills and sound have increased exponentially. She is a deeply thoughtful and encouraging teacher. I’ve had other teachers, I’ve been practicing playing the flute for twelve years, Angela is the very best teacher for me.” - Flute Student